Super Luigi is an animated cartoon series that is created by me and GMoneLive. It follows characters from the Smash Bros. game. The main character is obviously Luigi as he struggles to stop his evil brother, Mario from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom. This series is planned to take off sometime after The Mario Bros. Show season two. Meaning it will not premiere at least until mid or late 2012 depending. Season one is Super Luigi however, due to the fact that the ending of season one has Luigi being defeated yet again, GMoneyLive has renamed season 2 (the last 5 episodes) as Ultimate Luigi. The second season will most likely premiere either late 2012 or early 2013.

First Episode

Good Bye Luigi, Hello Evil!

# of Episodes


# of Seasons



Emblem64 GMoneyLive

Episode Length

Normal episodes 5-10 Min Specials 20 Min.


Luigi and Mario just finished their fight with Link. However, quickly after Link leaves, Mario discourages Luigi for being weak and turns evil vowing to seek revenge as he knows Luigi cannot stop him. Luigi then trains and goes on a quest to kill Mario and save the Mushroom Kingdom with Yoshi by his side.

Voice CastEdit

Emblem64 - I voice everything.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Good Bye Luigi, Hello Evil!

Episode 2: A Cruddy Way to Cry

Episode 3: Fight Fire with Fire

Episode 4: Beware the Star Fox

Season 2 (Ultimate Luigi)Edit



  • This is Emblem64's second scheduled show he wants to make.
  • Emblem64 stated that he is hoping to finish this series as it only has approx. half of the number of episodes The Mario Bros. Show has.