Mario is a main protagonist in The Mario Bros. Show but is a main antagonist in Super Luigi. He teams up with DK (his mortal enemy in the animated series to stop Luigi form saving the Mushroom Kingdom.


When Mario was young, all he wanted to be was a plumber. However, he was confined in a special cell captured by Donkey Kong. He eventually escaped when the place exploded and the cage was left open when DK seemed to have escaped. Mario then vowed revenge on Donkey Kong but knew he could not complete this task alone. So he went to the Mushroom Kingdom to find his younger twin brother, Luigi. Together, the two plans to end DK's tyranny.






Protagonist & Antagonist




Luigi (Mario Bros. Show only), Fox, Pikachu,

Kirby, DK (Super Luigi only), Yoshi


C. Falcon, Samus, Jigglypuff,

Luigi (Super Luigi only), DK (Mario Bros. Show only)

Voice actor



Mario is very brave and is decent in terms of intelligence. His speed, strength and agility seems to be pretty good too. He is a good jumper but Luigi outshines Mario in that. That is the reason Mario wants Luigi dead in Super Luigi. In the sequel, Mario is a total jerk. He is even a jerk to his evil partner, DK. Mario wants Luigi dead and Luigi teams up with C. Falcon and Yoshi to defeat his demon of a brother. In the upcoming show called SMBZ Moments!, it is a show that shows random moments of SMBZ. It goes from one moment to the next in each episode.

Animated Series AppearancesEdit

  • The Mario Bros. Show
  • Super Luigi - Ultimate Luigi (Season 2)
  • SMBZ Moments!
  • Paper Mario Animated


  • Mario is shown to be the protagonist in most of Emblem64's shows.
  • Mario is the main antagonist of Super Luigi.
  • Paper Mario Animated is the newest upcoming series with Mario featured in it. Luigi is also a character invloved in the story. However, due to not joining Mario's team, he has little to no part of the story.
  • So far, Paper Mario is considered Emblem64's last show featuring Mario characters.
  • Emblem64 has stated that he was considering a Super Paper Mario animated to continue the Paper Mario Animated Series.
  • Paper Mario Animated Series will only have 7 episodes due to Emblem64 already more than half way through the game.